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Dear partners, clients and just friends! 

4Profi Company is a team of expert professionals that are doing their favorite work. Consummate professionalism of employees, careful work planning, and high shared responsibilities for the result allow our team to accomplish identified goals. Products manufactured by 4Profi company become a real assistant to the customer due to the originality and quality of its performance, corresponding to the assigned tasks facing it.

The activity of the company 4Profi started in November 2012, and consisted in conducting trainings and seminars by leading specialists of Ukraine and the CIS. The main goal was the increasing of personal effectiveness, time management, leadership, marketing, planning and development.

Having gained the experience in conducting trainings and having studied customer needs for improved planning, in 2014-2015, the company developed a tool for time management and goal achievement, the ProfiPlan Scheduler for Successful Person, designed to improve your efficiency. Unlike other similar diaries, this scheduler is specific to the purpose and planning of your work and leisure.

At the present time, the 4Profi publishing house specializes in the manufacture of different printing products for various age categories, diaries and planners for the businessmen, women's diaries, art notebooks and anti-stresses notepads for girls, as well as developmental and motivational products for children and adolescents.

An important criterion in the selection of printing production is its quality. Therefore, for the manufacture of our own products, we use the most innovative technologies throughout all phases of industrial process: from the use of the latest printing equipment, and a wide range of binders, finishing with the selection of quality paper, including color paper of well-known brands that meet world standards.

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